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For many years, the graphics industry has confronted the challenge of working with images that fall short of the necessary size requirements, for either digital or print projects. Unfortunately the only image enlargement processes available have been failed or left client’s dissatisfied with the end results. Uberpix now offers an innovative service to enlarge your image multiple times in size providing the highest result achievable. Using a mixture of technologies that combine software with artificial intelligence and high graphics processors, we present our clients with image enlargement options never seen before.

Pixel by pixel, our technology will scan your entire image to interpolate pixels and provide a natural enlargement. Mathematical calculations in the millions will ensure that the correct colours are applied. The end product is your original image increased in size up to 6 times or more without pixelation, blurriness or dreaded jagged edges.

Additional focus has been placed on face detection with customised programming centred on recognising human faces. Now portraits are specifically targeted for a more realistic result!


Many of our clients will send us their digital images that may have been purchased from online stock libraries in formats that are too small for their intended use.

Uberpix is pleased to be able to successfully enlarge stock images several times their original size. Sometimes as much as 2 metres. The resulting enlarged image is exceptionally sharp, vibrant and visually aesthetic.

Ideal for those projects were your image needs to be enlarged for use as a poster or even as a background wall print!

The following images have been scaled utilising our technology. Scaling: x4
Images are from online digital photo stock libraries. Please click on the download icon to view the resulting enlarged image.